About us

Pursuing excellence, advocating nature

BASHAWIGS brings forward new central philosophy[Pursuing excellence, advocating nature]

-From material, we insist on using healthy pony tail without perming and coloring as hair material;

-From technology, We insist on innovation, keep up developing new technology and new products.

BASHAWIGS spreads fashionable ideas and lift style through hair products, adds fresh elements to more and more people

Staff with high enthusiasm and resposibility

BASHAWIGS owns staff with high enthusiasm and responsibility to realize comprehensive high-quality customer service. We have professional training for the employees to grasp not only lastest product information and fashion trends, but also sincerity and attentive service to customers, maximize satisfaction and got hightly recognized among customers all over the world.

Breathing hair

BASHAWIGS has been focusing on cuticle hair, we adopted gentle treatment to keep the cuticle intact,

Ensure no any damage on the hair structure, more healthy and natural experience.

BASHAWIGS always insists on manufacturing upscale natural hair products.

Process is also beautiful

The world is big while we are tiny

The road to persue the dream is far and also hard

We expect we can change the world with our poor power

Bring fun and color to life